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The Earth’s oldest plant ironically keeps you looking young and healthy.

All natural and plant based, Karen® Ageless contains the antioxidant superoxide dismutase (SOD) which helps protect against the damage caused by free radical activity and oxidative stress—two major factors in the aging process.

Your ‘outward beauty’, is dependent on how healthy you are on the inside.

If you are stressed, not eating the best, tired, exposed to environmental stress, using makeup with chemicals….yes, you might need a beauty filter.

Your body is producing free radicals and accelerating your aging.

The special Phytoplankton plant discovered by Karen® is the highest ranked anti-oxidant plant ever discovered. Ready to go to battle to take the youth killing free radicals out of your body while nourishing yourself at the same time.

Free radicals are simply unstable atoms caused by improper nutrition and external elemental factors that can damage cells, causing illness and aging.

When free radicals are expelled or diminished through proper cellular nourishment, your hair and nails will begin to look better, the elasticity in your skin (collagen) comes back to life, the bags under your eyes diminish, crows feet fly away and you’ll have more energy from the power of our phytoplankton.

Just one Ageless tablet a day will begin the healing to get rid of those nasty free radicals. You’ll see soon enough the power of what phytoplankton can do for your over-all health.